Phone Hacks – Top 7 Ways To Actually Make Money Online In Africa

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In the 21st century, our technologies are developing incredibly fast so that we are really amazed at how modern everything is. At the beginning of the 2000’s, we made a sharp leap and still cannot believe everything is remarkably different now.

From smartphones and tablets to speaking humanoids and smart self-driving cars – this is what human intelligence has brought to our world for the last 17 years. However, while the development lasted since the 20th century, the implantation of amazing modern gadgets and tech tricks took only a few years! Such as the internet!

The internet originated as a weak connection between a group of computers and turned into a giant electronic web that relates people from all over the world. There’s no secret that some people use that global connection to make a living. Don’t leave this page, if you wish to spend your free time doing something more important than just having fun. In this article, we’re going to overview seven most popular and profitable ways to make real money online living in Africa.

 our technologies are developing incredibly fast so that we are really amazed at how moder Top 7 Ways To Actually Make Money Online In Africa

Young people from Africa who run blogs, work with Forex or make advertisement materials have become fruitful and famous. Using such components as your free time, necessary skills, creativity and a cup of hot coffee, you can recover your strength really quick. Here we go!

1) Hey, bro, let’s make a video! 

Blogging has become a very popular kind of activity for the last years. Open up any YouTube channel, watch how many views and subscribers they show-off! Moreover, watch how low were the statistics of these channels a few years ago. Using your creativity, you can step it up and turn it into one of the most profitable activities in your life.

Some people start a business as a hobby along with a full-time job and become really wealthy some years later. Someone even makes it more global, having enough money to spend on a house, a sports car or a vacation. Blogging is a golden mine, where the writer digs the gold, posting videos.

2) We’re going to find out!

It is a kind of blogging but about reviewing and testing something. Some people prefer to analyze local and global news, some people give beautiful pieces of advice and make informational reviews on engineering and electronics.

And people do love to watch these videos because it’s not only exciting and pretty close to communication, but also gives some useful advice and shows them something they have never seen or never heard before.

3) A master of word 

In Africa young people try to use every opportunity to clutch up the education. It’s not a secret that not every African country has a low quality of life. Many young people understand the opportunities and cultural benefits of education.

Thanks to modern technologies, now we can find any information on the internet. Some people become custom writers and take the orders on academic works, making a significant income. It’s profitable, attractive and doesn’t require to much time! Why not?

4) There is a lot of stuff to sort out around!

Virtual assistance is pretty close to the house cleaning and arrangement. Being a virtual assistant, you have to work with mail, orders, social networks, blogs and so on. You have to work with people, make posts and place materials where they have to be placed. It’s not complicated, and even school kids afford it! You should try it one day!

5) We are introducing to you…! 

Show us someone who didn’t want to become a TV star, advertising some products and smiling on camera! Marketing affiliation is another blog-and-network type of job that requires working with people. Making advertising videos or creating colorful, eye-catching posts on Facebook – it is a profitable job according to!

6) It’s like a lottery! 

Stock exchanges are available for everyone! Everything you need is a bank account with some money and a gadget to connect!  But you have to remember that it’s a risky business with no money-back guarantees. You can investigate the latest economy news and find out some financial schemes and patterns. Thus you will improve your intuition, which is based on your experience and knowledge.

7) Zeros and ones

Software-related activities will always remain profitable. It doesn’t matter whether you build up the website from scratch or test the new software to improve it.