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Python is undoubtedly one of the most used programming languages in the world. The best part about Python is that you can use it anywhere, from developing the backend of a website to coding hardware, doing science and making native software for various platforms. Python is popular for a reason, and that reason lies in the syntax of Python. Python is comfortable and very close to English language with just an addition of a few keywords here and there.

This makes Python future ready programming language as it is very easy to learn and it has a wide array of applications.

Why Python over any other programming language?

Python is indeed a very dynamic language as compared to any other languages. It is garbage collected, so you don’t have to think about managing computer memory. Python is also an interpreted language, so there is no compilation wait time, and it allows you just to run your code instantly so Python is a great option.

With deep roots across many different software categories, you can use Python to develop anything related to computers, due to 40 thousand libraries available, across nearly 300 listed topic categories. Python is easy to learn due to its simplicity, the syntax of Python is very simple, unlike Java and C. In Python, you don’t need to worry about semicolons or curly braces as they don’t exist in Python.

Getting started

As some of you are now thinking to learn Python or some of you might have already begun, or you are trying to gain more expertise with the language, then the best way to keep yourself updated is to read high-quality Python programming blogs by expert Python developers.

I am also a Python developer, and when I was starting, I was having difficulties finding good Python blogs to follow. I know many of you are facing the same problem. So, in this article and the next few articles, we are going to discuss the best blogs every Python developer should follow.

Today I’m starting with the first post about top Python blogs, and I recommend the blog to every Python programmer. I discovered this blog a few years ago, and I got hooked, and I wish I had found it earlier. I think catonmat is the best Python programming blog and maybe even the best programming blog on the Internet.

Why is the best Python programming blog?

Successfully started in 2007, the blog has been ruling the Internet for a decade now, and the author Peter Krumins keeps posting new stuff like tips, tricks, updates about programming once or twice every month.

Fellow programmers can always find something interesting on his blog about what’s going on in the programming world. Many of the posts are about Python, but there are many posts about other programming languages, too. Peter is a polyglot programmer. Peter’s most famous in Python community for his xgoogle library that allows you to scrape data from various Google services.

The title of the blog explains his approach towards programming, which says “good coders code, great coders reuse.” It just means you should reuse existing libraries and spend a little effort and time writing stuff that has already been written. 

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In fact, there are so many libraries and code available on the different code hosting websites like SourceForge, GitHub, Code Project, etc. and best of all, StackOverflow for almost all your solutions. They all have the solutions to problems like converting images, audio processing, implementing linked lists or string search algorithms, and so on.

Python is undoubtedly one of the most used programming languages in the world The Best Python Programming Blog: Review

The blog is about solving different kinds of problems related to programming and making you understand the right approach towards programming. As you should work smart, not hard to be successful in life. Some of the posts on this blog will be about solving the problems without the tools available.

According to the author, you need hacker’s approach to resolve this kind of challenges as hackers always adjust themselves to get their job done even if they don’t have the right tools. Finally, the blog lately features comics about famous computer scientists that every programming should recognize.

A little bit about the Developer

With more than 15 years of experience in the programming field, Peter Krumins started this blog to share his knowledge with the fellow developers. He also has a professional physics degree and is currently working on his startup Browserling, which is a cross-browser testing service. There is an awesome reason why he didn’t study computer science.

By the time he graduated from high school, he already was a top Python programmer and Linux systems administrator, and even a C programmer. He also did a bunch of contract work in just about any language you can imagine. Peter is a self-taught hacker and has learned everything on his own just by doing it and by using any tools available, which gave him unique skills in computing. If he had chosen to study computer science, he would have wasted so much time studying what he already knew.

Instead, he chose physics, and now he’s a pro at it, too. Also, Peter has shared that he has a list of a few dozen cool software ideas that he has thought of during the last three years while studying physics which he has not coded himself but he explained on how to implement those things and what alternatives we have for them at the moment.


To become a great Python programmer, you need to find the right blogs to read. Catonmat’s content is not only limited to Python programming, but it will also be attractive to other programmers who write other popular languages like C, C++ and Perl. You also need a place to discuss all your questions, issues, and possibly bugs. I recommend #python community on FreeNode to discuss this.

Next time we’ll be sharing another interesting Python development blog but do share your thoughts and let me know if you know other top Python programming blogs. Cheers!