Phone Hacks – How to Choose the Best VPN for Total Privacy?

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The rampant developments in technology have come along with their fair share of problems. Online privacy has in the recent past been questioned. Virtual Private Networks have therefore become veritable Swiss Army Knives for those who wish to enhance their online privacy, evade censorship and share files anonymously, among other things.

However, though all VPNs are meant to achieve more or less the same goals, these services are developed differently, and each one has its strong point and its other sides. It, therefore, calls for some in-depth knowledge when it comes to choosing the right VPN for your needs, and in our case, for total privacy.

This guide is meant to help you decide the Best VPN for complete privacy, by putting into consideration the key factors that boost privacy when it comes to VPNs. Before choosing a VPN, it is recommended that you read VPN reviews on trustable VPN review site like Anonymster.

Factors to Consider

Location of Company and Its Servers

The location of a company and its servers play a significant role when it comes to total VPN privacy. Some VPNs are based in countries that have strict jurisdictions like the USA. According to our research Surfshark has one of the best location for servers out there.

If you need to choose a VPN based in the US, then you should make sure that they store no details about you. This is where the next factor comes in.

Their Logging Policy

Most VPNs will promise you Zero logs. However, sometimes that is not the case. Some keep metadata, IP addresses, etc. Some state clearly the kind of logs that they keep, for how long and for what reasons. When buying a VPN, make sure that you confirm their claims regarding what they keep.

The Security Protocols

A secure VPN should be able to offer you multiple protocols for maximum privacy. Among the protocols provided, OpenVPN must be in the list of your VPN of Choice. This is the only VPN you should use if you need to remain secure fully.

L2TP/IPsec can be used, but only for mobile platforms as neither Android nor iOS supports native OpenVPN. Steer away from PPTP.

A VPN with a Kill Switch System

While using a VPN, a connection may drop. What happens when your VPN connection drops are that you immediately go back to your ISP. If you were accessing a service that could bring you to trouble or one that could expose your personal information, you quickly land in trouble.

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For total privacy, you need to use a VPN that has a Kill Switch. A Kill Switch System provides a sense of security and protects you such that when your VPN connection drops, your internet connection is immediately dropped as a counter action. You, therefore, won’t be exposed to your ISP by using an open and unsecured internet connection. It’s important to choose a VPN that features a Kill Switch System.

What Payment Methods do they offer?

When purchasing a VPN for total security, you need to ensure that you do not expose yourself at this stage. Most payment methods give the VPN Company your details, such that when a court order is prompting them to provide your details, they will have no option. This way you can be easily persecuted.

What you need to ensure at this stage is that the VPN you purchase has an option for anonymous payments. The most common anonymous payment that has grown over time is Bitcoin payment. You can use this as your purchase option to stay secure.

The other form of payment you can use is gift cards. A number VPN providers accept gift cards from major retailers like Wal-Mart or Target. What you can do is buy a gift card for any number of big box stores using cash. You can then redeem it for VPN credit.


Having gone through these major factors, it remains your duty to read over the documentations provided by the VPN service, before you sign up to their service. Better yet, you can read up the documentation then search the internet for complaints posed by clients relating to a particular VPN service. With that info, you will be able to choose the best VPN for total privacy.