Get The Most From Your Android Samsung Galaxy

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Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones is widely renowned for taking into account cutting edge technology and user-friendly interfaces. That aside, there are different ways you can improve the use of such devices and here are just but a few:

Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones is widely renowned for taking into account cutting edge Get The Most From Your Android Samsung Galaxy

The Split Screen Functionality

A lot of people don’t have an idea on what the latest Samsung Galaxy phones can do. With a sizable system RAM, processing power and screen size, the split screen allow you to use different apps at the same time. 

All you got to do is hold down the multitasking button for a few seconds, and it will display a menu of apps where you can select the ones you intend to use. Also, take note that half of the screen will still be used to display the content that was previously shown. 

You can even quickly make adjustments to the space allocated by either dragging the icons down or middle up. What’s more, the applications can be closed, flipped or placed into the window mode by selecting the circle icon.

The Fingerprint And Iris Scanner

With the latest Samsung Galaxy lines, you’ll infarct get two biometric security features which are the iris and fingerprint scanner. You can get the fingerprint scanner option under the “the lock screen and security” menu. If you are to add your fingerprint, it’s vital that you naturally hold your phone since Samsung sensors are usually sensitive to angle changes. 

The phone takes advantage of the IR pulse when illuminating your face and it’s therefore essential that you don’t have your glasses on if you are to achieve optimum results.

Blue Light Filter

For the late night phone users who use the unlimited data plans for a galaxy with Three, the blue light filter can help you make the most out of your bedtime ritual. This is because it minimises the strain and damage that comes as a result of late night browsing and this comes in handy for those who’ve got sensitive eyes. 

You can find the blue light filter option by pulling down the notification shade. Additionally, you can make adjustments to the opacity by tapping on the icon as opposed to the text.

S Finder

It can sometimes prove difficult to spot something when you are in a hurry, and it also takes time to scroll before you can find it. However, with the Galaxy S Finder, you can easily spot whatever you want in record time. All you are required to do is pull down the notification shade and select the S Finder then enter the name of the whatever you are looking for.

Download Booster

Faster internet speeds are one of the key aspects that makes Smartphone’s popular. That said, if you are looking to download files post-haste on your Samsung galaxy you need to navigate to settings then connection and select the more connection setting option. This will not only increase your download speeds but it can also take up most of your data, and it’s essential that you switch it on if it’s necessary.


If your Samsung Galaxy device is running on android 6.0 marshmallow operating system, then you can take advantage of the doze function. The doze option puts your device into sleep mode when it’s in the idle state. It can also set the alarm to go off even if you forgot to charge your phone. It’s one of the best applications for early commuters since it guarantees your alarm activity. Take note that you need to check the settings to confirm that it’s enabled if you are to be on the safe side.

Game Launcher

The Samsung galaxy game launcher not only makes it easier to group all the games but it also features other funky features to enable you to have an excellent gaming experience. If you do not want any distractions, you can choose to stifle notifications when playing games. Also, there is a performance mode that gives more processing power to your game that’s if you are playing games that are demanding.

Anyone who owns a Samsung galaxy device knows that it comes different features and options and with the above tips at your disposal it should be easier to get the most from your Smartphone.