How to Customize Your Smartphone {7 Tips}

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Customizing your phone will allow you to create a device that reflects your personality. You can, therefore, transform your standard electronic into something very personal. To do so, check out the different ways you can customize your smartphone.

Customizing your phone will allow you to create a device that reflects your personality How to Customize Your Smartphone {7 Tips}

Change Your Wallpaper

Almost every modern smartphone you choose will allow you to change your wallpaper. It can be as simple as a photograph of a loved one, a template theme, or you can create a wallpaper using Adobe Spark. You don’t need any design skills to develop a unique wallpaper you will love, and you can trust no-one else will have the design on their phones.

Assign Ringtones

Many people fail to take advantage of assigning ringtones to select contacts. However, it can often notify you about who is calling before you even look at your device so you can quickly answer their call if you don’t want to miss it.

In addition to assigning ringtones to select contacts, you can also allocate different sounds for various notifications, such as text messages, emails, tweets, news, and alarms.

Custom Contact Photos

Not only can you customize your contact’s ringtone, but you can also add specific photos for each contact. So, their image will flash onto the screen whenever they text or ring your smartphone. You can, therefore, add your favorite photo of your partner, or a funny image of your best friend.

Set Notifications

Do you want to stay on top of the latest news in your area, or never miss a Facebook message? If so, you can set your apps to deliver notifications directly to your phone as soon as they are created. So, you will not have to obsessively look at your phone every few minutes to check in on the latest news or statuses.

Select Your Browser

Many smartphones come with default browsers built into a phone. You don’t have to settle for this option. It is possible to install a third-party app to improve the browsing experience, as you can utilize Google Chrome, Dolphin, or Firefox, plus more.

Pick the Perfect Apps

Fall head over heels in love with your phone by installing the best apps for your needs. Whether you want to play games, read the news, use social media, edit documents, or organize your busy schedule, you can guarantee there are many free and paid apps to choose from to personalize your device.

A Protective Smartphone Case

Not only can you personalize the inside of your smartphone, but you can also customize the outside, too. Many retailers will allow you to pick between various cases for your phone’s make and model. You can choose from a simple block color, patterned design, or a designer brand. Also, in addition to personalizing your phone, a case can also protect your device – so you will not have to pay hundreds of dollars to fix a cracked screen.

Have you got any helpful tips for customizing a device? Share your advice by posting a comment below.