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MultiImagePicker Library for Multiple Image Selection

App development can be done in more than a handful of ways. You can write every single library and line of code from scratch, or can start with a repertoire of publicly available projects and libraries. To give users a nice way of sharing the photos, some social networking applications offer the ability to select multiple images and share them with your friends and colleagues. Similar functionality can be achieved with a library developed a while ago, but its developer has now decided to share it with all of us.

XDA Forum Member yazeed44 created a library named MultiImagePicker. This library was inspired by the app Telegram, which offered similar functionality. When setting up the library, you can limit the number of selected images with one simple variable. This setting can be easily skipped, so users have a chance to select as many photos as they only want. This library should work well with smartphones and tablets, as some fixes have been implemented to better support bigger devices. Using this library is a nice way of enhancing your current project, or perhaps it can even serve as a good base to create a new one.

The developer has prepared a demo application demonstrating library’s functionality. You can find a link to the app and many useful information by visiting GitHub page of the project. To learn more about the MultiImagePicker library, please head over to the development thread.

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